Studio Malandrino Alfredo has been able to offer consultancy, administration and staff management services for over twenty years, from processing pay and all the related obligations related to the employment relationship, to the planning and control of labor costs, to the evaluation of the best opportunities for facilitated recruitment, legal assistance, recruitment of workers

Studio Malandrino Alfredo deals with Labor law advice, assisting companies of all sizes and commodity sectors, placed in an increasingly competitive environment and, therefore, more and more demanding. In order to best satisfy its customers, the office makes use of an efficient organization made up of highly skilled labor consultants and lawyers, with training and constant updating. The core business of the studio, that is the processing of payroll and contributions, is carried out with the use of the most advanced technologies. 

Our mission is to offer customers a personalized service guaranteeing competence, seriousness and reliability, preferring an effective, efficient and collaborative internal organization.
The studio periodically updates and circulars in the field of labor law and staff administration and shares them with customers. The studio conducts periodic meetings with client companies to address the various issues in the field of law and staff management.

The service of staff administration and labor law advice is provided to hundreds of companies, different in size and case studies, with one or hundreds of employees. (industrial and trade union relations, individual and collective dismissals, crises and suspensions, disciplinary measures, etc). In the event of litigation arising from work relationships, the Client is assisted in all individual and collective disputes.

The Customer is also assisted in the event of sale, merger, incorporation of a company or its branches or in the phase of conclusion of collective agreements and in the case of corporate crises.

Moreover, the studio has developed active collaborations with University professors, at the Faculty of Labor Law and Trade Union Law, and is a subject for the promotion of conferences and meetings on the most relevant and current issues in the labor law field