Consulting services

The studio offers its services to companies for: 

Labor law advice
Processing of payroll and all related obligations

Labor law advice
Genesis, definition, evolution of the employment relationship, management of all the accounting, economic, legal and social aspects that it involves

Labor and Legal Advice
Administration and reorganization of workers; company regulations; development of remuneration policies; Mobility procedures; Business mergers; Analysis of incentive elements (commissions, fringe benefits, etc.); support to the company in all issues related to trade union and industrial relations

Legal Advice
Assistance and representation of the company in contractual consultancy, in disputes, individual and collective dismissals, disciplinary proceedings, conciliations and arbitrations arising from subordinate relationships, as well as assistance and representation in litigation with Institutes

Advice on Safety at Work

Recruitment and training of staff

Analysis of business costs
Analysis techniques for the definition of the price of the product or service

Investigated Pre-Recruit Information
Aggregate data from public sources, as well as data retrieved on site by correspondents carrying out a search for private information in order to know the candidate being evaluated.

Graphological Evaluation
The survey is carried out to get to know a candidate and obtain clear and precise information on various aspects of the personality: resources, potential, temperament, type of intelligence, interpersonal and adaptive skills, resistance to stress, problem solving attitude, ability to pursue objectives, leadership characteristics, etc.

Our Services
Staff administration
Pension advice and social security analysis
Relations with institutions
Updating and training
Labor law and trade union consultancy
Labor litigation